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Engage South Africa believes in the power of all our youth to change societies for the better. We understand that our youth have an important contribution to make in South Africa and that by investing in our youth we invest in our future.


With my.voice, Engage South Africa provides an 8-week Leadership and Active Citizenship Course that promotes: Critical thinking, Public speaking, Debating, Responsible Leadership, Voter Education and Active Citizenship.

my.voice is targeted specifically to high school learners, offering them the knowledge, skills and platforms to learn to ENGAGE, SPEAK and LEAD in our democratic society.

The course is developed by a team of top academic and teaching professionals from University of Oxford (UK), Windesheim University (Netherlands), University of Johannesburg and Monash South Africa. my.voice enables an environment for young people to build their confidence, appreciate diversity and realise their unique place in society. my.voice encourages all youth to contribute to society as citizens in whichever career path they choose.

Research has shown that a “greater interaction with political ideas is likely to result in more positive judgments about democracy, and correspondingly, more negative views about autocratic forms of governance.” (Mattes from Democracy in Africa Research Unit.)

Engage South Africa is committed to safeguarding and strengthening democracy in South Africa and globally through the promotion of active citizenship and meaningful participation of youth in society.

Our Values: Engage South Africa does not affiliate with any particular political party, religion or ideology. We promote honest and constructive dialogue, awareness, tolerance, non-violence and positive engagement of youth in society. We believe in human rights, responsibility, freedom of choice and the power of diversity. We actively promote equality in terms of gender, race and economic opportunities and condemn all forms of discrimination.

Time to make a great investment!

Become part of the my.voice movement and contribute to the promotion of democracy and human rights for all South Africans.

my.voice course

The my.voice course consists of 8 weekly sessions with groups of 15-30 high school learners. The course is delivered at the school premise as an extra-curricular activity, lead by qualified Engage South Africa facilitators. The course includes a post-assessment that measures the learners’ progress in six critical development areas:

The course is proudly African and fosters decolonized and diverse perspectives, promoting the Sustainable Development Goals, human rights, peace education and the constitution of South Africa.

The methodology of delivery is based on transformative training theory, experiential learning and encourages inclusivity of the youth voice in the training room.

Youth Voices Festival

my.voice is much more than an 8-week commitment and will continue to promote and engage youth civic participation through social media campaigns and our Annual Youth Voices Festival.

The festival connects youth across cultural and economic divides and links debating and public speaking with pop culture and art.


my.voice will:

  • Develop youth leadership skills
  • Increase critical thinking skills
  • Build confidence through public speaking
  • Promote the ability to debate and dialogue effectively
  • Increase awareness about relevant national and global topics
  • Provide the understanding, knowledge and skills to participate meaningfully in democracy
  • Foster youth’s passion and capacity to lead positive social change
  • Connect youth across South Africa

What our students say about us:

“my.voice allowed me to be more aware and knowledgeable on political, social and environmental issues. It has been a safe space to think about who I really am. I feel more confident in myself and in my knowledge and understanding of how the world works.”

“What I enjoyed the most was the way everything was taught, the fact that we were very involved and we had a lot of fun.”

“my.voice has challenged the way I see and think about life and the things around me. I have realised that things like state forms, the government, economy and social issues actually affect me as well. my.voice also helped me realise that I do have the ability to lead and be a leader and that I can do anything I put my mind to.”

“my.voice motivated me to take leadership, to make my mark and to prove that I do have the ability to lead at school. That’s why I will run for prefect next year.”

“my.voice has definitely made me open my eyes to how the world operates and the many other options of how it could operate. I have thought more out of the box and been open to different views and beliefs. It has also taught me how to listen rather than just speak.”

 “I am making a commitment to vote. Before my.voice I did not consider it important, but now I make a commitment to use my voice and vote.”

Our Team

We are a unique and growing team with members from all different walks of life and have extensive experience in the fields of: youth education, leadership, citizenship & participation, democracy promotion, academic research, master training & facilitation, curriculum development and online learning.

Diana Haag
Co-founder & Managing Director

Thembile Ndlovu
Director of Business Development

Tidimalo Moeketsi
Fundraising & Partnerships

Bronwyn Dugtig

Gugulethu Mkandla
Course Facilitation

Seymone Moodley
Digital Marketing Partner
CEO Malteez Consulting

Field Specialists:

Dr. Victoria Graham
Head of Research and Quality Assurance

Ilse Roos-Gravemaker
Head of Learning Development and Online Delivery


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Social Media

my.voice2 weeks ago
Like many of you, we also had our quiet times in 2020, during which we could not implement much. 🤷🏾‍♀️✊🏿🐛🦋
We used those downtimes to develop new modalities of my.voice and are now proud to say that we have:

👉🏿 a my.voice extra-curricular course, a my.voice curricular course and my.voice workshops/camps

👉🏿 face to face, online and blended modalities

that can be combined in unique ways to suit different circumstances and preferences!

my.voice2 weeks ago
We are so excited to finally be able to embark on a 4-months project funded by the Embassy of Switzerland in South Africa with which we are bringing my.voice to 5 schools in the Westrand of Johannesburg, directly empowering 125 learners to find their voices as young leaders and become active members in their communities! 💬🌍✨

The project:
👉🏿 Educates Youth for Leadership and Civic Participation: by providing a full my.voice training to 125 learners in 5 high schools

👉🏾 Empowers Youth for Civic Participation: by mentoring the participants for the implementation of 15 youth-developed and youth-led community initiatives

👉🏼Connects Youth in the area: by organising an expo-event and youth panel with participants, teachers, parents and community leaders to showcase and award positive youth leadership

#youthleadership #ActiveCitizens
my.voice3 weeks ago
Our latest newsletter is out! 📰🤩🥳

Find out more: https://mailchi.mp/1854569ab833/myvoice-we-keep-growing-10871718
my.voice3 weeks ago
Can you believe it? As my.voice we have won 2½ Awards! 😜😃

In 2017, our co-founder and director Bronwyn won the McGuire International Business Award with my.voice!

In 2019, our co-founder and director Thembile was recognised as one of the 200 most influential young South Africans by the Mail & Guardian!

In 2019, our co-founder and director Diana came 2nd out of 92 projects globally at the “Together we’re better” Youth Prize by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation in the category of community prize!



2017 Winner of the International McGuire Business Award

Promoting the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals


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